Hi there!

I´m Nussara the editor behind this food and lifestyle blog Just another food story, welcome lovelies! :) 

Who am I?

I live in Oslo with my fiancé and I´m soon-to-be mom at 31! From a very young age I discovered that food were my one of my passions and good art, design and crafting have always interested me. I believe that to travel is to live and is the best way to get new influences, and we can´t wait to bring our little one along to our next destination! What else? Oh, and there is a little fact about me which sometimes drives my better half insane. I can sometimes overwhelm myself with ideas that occasionally keep popping into my head and my brain is like a huge mess. Ones that get you super excited and can’t wait to turn them alive! If you are one of my kind, you probably know what I mean. Yep.

What´s with the name Just another food story? 

Well there´s actually a story behind it. I was backpacking with three other girlfriends in Rio back in 2007 and there was a local bar where backpackers usually hangs out. One of those nights with some few Caipirinha and I got a chance to talk (mostly about the local foods and drinks) with a Brazilian guy who worked as a street artist, and during this conversation he ask me: if you want to create something that you own and love to do – what would you would it be?? After few seconds I just randomly shout out: It have to be about food with a story behind it, some kind of just another food story! … So there you go and here we are! :)


Most of the recipes on the blog are basically simple, healthy and delicious ;) I love cooking vegetarian meals and do get more tempt to cook asian recipes, which are my favorites to make of course! I get inspiration from cookbooks, blogs, my favorites chefs, family, friends, travels, markets and whatever I find in my fridge or from my kitchen disasters that usually gives some new ideas later!



Since 2011 I´ve been sharing recipes and ideas by the name Just another food story and I have grown and learned so much! Now that we are expecting a baby soon and my everyday life is changing, this blog will contain other things that I´m also passioned about as well as a glimpse into my home :) I can´t wait!

Interested in working with me? 

Occasionally I create sponsored posts for brands that I love and are a good fit for Just another food story. I’m also do recipe developments and photography. Send me a quick email for more info: nussara@justanotherfoodstory.com

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy! :)

– Nussara

Pictures taken by Nussara Guldberg and Helena Krekling